55 Walker
New York, NY
This Must Be the Place
Co-Curated w. Miles Huston
Michel Auder, Drew Beattie, Marilyn Church, David Diao, Loretta Dunkleman, Yoyo Friedrich, Ann Gillen, Ron Gorchov, Masao Gozu, Maren Hassinger, Becky Howland, Virginia Jaramillo, Kazuko Miyamoto, Joe Overstreet, Elaine Reichek, Gwenn Thomas, Billy Sullivan, Ken Tisa, Clover Vail, Frederick Weston, Thornton Willis, Frank Wimberley
Also including exhibitions curated by Manila Institute & Song Cycle
November 9 – December 8, 2018

Only Once and Many More
262 Taaffe Place, Brooklyn, NY
Mary Lee Bendolph of Gee's Bend Quiltmakers, Justin Chance, Beverly Semmes
July 21 – 29, 2018